Dairies & Confined Animal Facilities

Regulatory Compliance

Innovative Ag Services, LLC is equipped with a very capable team of account managers who are ready to help you with all of your compliance needs.

Our team offers comprehensive compliance services which include keeping your facility up to date with the regulations set forth by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.


IAS has vast experience in assisting dairy and other confined animal feeding operations in complying with local and state regulations.  Since 2007, when the Dairy General Order was adopted by the RWQCB, IAS has been there to assist our customers in remaining in compliance while also adding value back with our nutrient management expertise. 

Our Services.

Preparation for Facility Inspections

Representation for Facility Inspections

Record Keeping System

Monthly Record Keeping

Nutrient Management Plan

Nutrient Budget

Monitoring & Reporting Compliance

Annual Reporting to RWQCB

For all of your dairy and/or confined animal feeding operations questions, please contact Mike Kalmink in our office.  We are ready to assist you today!